Saturday, March 26, 2022

3rd Make Nine finish: the Fast and Fun prompt

My third finish for Make Nine 2022 is pillowcases—for the Fast and Fun prompt. My resident fisherman is the recipient of this project.

Pillowcases made with Kingfisher Camp by the River and Gathering by the River (cuff)
from M&S Textiles Australia.

He spotted the Kingfisher bird

While sorting and updating my fabric headers for M&S Textiles Australia, L noticed the Kingfisher Camp by the River print. He said he was familiar with the Kingfisher bird as he sees and hears it frequently when he's out fishing. "I would really like something made from this fabric," was his comment.

"Pillowcases" is a good response to that request. With minimal cutting, a little pressing and all straight line sewing, they are quick and easy to make.

Sweet Home Quilting filled the order. You can see the note on the order that they agreed
that Kingfisher Camp "would make awesome pillowcases."

Insights from the fabric designer

According to Nambooka, the Australian designer of the Kingfisher Camp by the River design, "the Kingfisher teaches us about alertness and opportunity. We must first look and then decide if it is the right choices for us to benefit our lives." 

The choice to make pillowcases is most always a "right choice"! Pillowcases are functional, can be personalized, are fun to make, and one size fits all.

Make Nine 2022 worksheet.

Thanks to the beautiful Kingfisher bird and the fabric that honors him, my third project for Make Nine 2022 is finished.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Celebrating quilt shop owners on National Quilting Day

Quiltmakers, historians, textile aficionados and anyone that loves quilts, fabric, thread, and stitching are celebrating National Quilting Day today! 

To celebrate, I'd like to turn the spotlight on all the creative and hard-working quilt shop and independent sewing center owners and their associates who inspire new and veteran quilters and sewists on a daily basis. They are the catalysts that bring the time-honored craft of quiltmaking into our homes and our lives.

"Creativity is Messy... and I'm very Creative!" Inspiration from Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Inspiration awaits at your local quilt shop [YLQS]

Here are just a few of the diverse projects I've encountered and admired at quilt shops and independent sewing centers through my travels as a fabric rep.

The Ghastlies fabrics from Alexander Henry Fabrics at 3 Hens and a Chick Quilt Shop.

Bookish from Art Gallery Fabrics at The Quilting Squares of Franklin.

Mixing M&S Textiles Australia fabrics with various blenders at Patches and Stitches.

Fabric panels, kits and programs

Quick and easy quilts can be made with fabric panels.

Frond Design Studios panel from Northcott at Tennessee Quilts.

Make your own wall art with a panel from P&B Textiles at Stitcher's Playhouse.

Another option for fast-and-easy projects are the Kwik Kits from RB Studios. All the pieces are cut to size and ready to start sewing. Backing and binding is included. Open. Sew. Repeat.

Kwik Kits by RB Studios at Quilted Creations.

Ready-to-sew fabric pieces in Kwik Kits by RB Studios at Quilted Creations.

Quilt shops offer on-going clubs and programs like a Block of the Month [BOM] to help quilters build skills and tackle a big project by breaking it down into smaller, manageable activities.

Quilt shops across the country are hosting the Illusions BOM with Banyan Batiks

Blocks from the Illusions BOM at Beyond Stitches.

A Sampler BOM with 1930s reproductions from Dutch Heritage at The Cherry Pit.

Cotton prints, solids, flannels and more

Quilts shops and independent sewing centers offer higher quality fabrics for myriad quilting and sewing projects. Shop owners and their staff are knowledgeable and experienced—ask them about classes, patterns and instructions to help you with your next quilting or sewing endeavor.

Yarn-dyed wovens from Diamond Textiles at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Machine quilting services are offered at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Wovens and prints play together at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Quilting cottons are perfect for children's garments.

Festive Fauna from FIGO Fabrics at The Sewing House.

Table topper with Farm Days by Dashwood Studio at Chattanooga Sewing Machines.

Sweet Baby from RB Studios at Stitcher's Playhouse.

Some quilt shops carry other substrates such as flannel, knits and rayons.

New flannels from Art Gallery Fabrics at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Quilt shops embrace vibrant colors, pattern and designs as well as the cultural aspects of the fabric designers. M&S Textiles features fabric designs from Australian Aboriginal artists. 

M&S Textiles Australia at Atlanta Sewing Center.

M&S Textiles Australia at Mountain Quilts.

Zipper pouch using M&S Textiles Australia at Barb's Sewing Center.

M&S Textiles Australia at Little Women Quilt Shop.

Need ideas for stash busting and using up your scraps? Visit your local quilt shop [YLQS].

Triangle quilt using an Art Gallery Pure Solid at Thomas Sewing Center.

Free-motion machine quilting at Thomas Sewing Center.

Does the super hero in your life need a quilt? 

Super Dinos from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics at The Sewing House.

Your local quilt shop creates inspiration though all the seasons.

Peppermint fabrics from FIGO at The Quilting Squares of Franklin.

Halloween fabrics by Lewis & Irene at The Quilting Squares of Franklin.

Clothing and garment sewing

And don't forget about the garment sewing going on at YLQS... there is that, too!

The "quilt coat" with Waved from Paintbrush Studio and Grid from Art Gallery Fabrics
at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Ask for Art Gallery flannels at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Using a panel from P&B Textiles for reverse appliqué at Stitcher's Playhouse.

Pre-quilted fabric from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics for a child's jacket at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

And there are plenty of new fabric collections arriving at YLQS weekly. New projects (on the bolts) are waiting for you.

Prehistoric World from Northcott is coming to Shiloh Pieced and Present and Sew Squared.

Little Darlings Safari from P&B Textiles at Beyond Stitches.

Aviary by Dashwood Studio at Stitchers Garden.

Celebrate National Quilting Day every day!

What are you waiting for? Get in on the celebration of creativity through quilting, fabric and thread. Stop in at YLQS today... visit their website... interact on their social media sites... take a class (virtual or in-store)... sign up for their newsletters to get the latest info! 

Inspiration is for the taking...

All You Need is Love... and a quilt. Art Gallery Fabrics at Front Porch Quilt Shoppe.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Days 1 - 25 of stamping patterns and textures

We passed the 25% mark for The 100 Day Project last week. I'm pleased with my progress on stamp carving, printmaking and creating patterns and textures.

Sketchbook for The 100n Day Project: Stamping, Patterns and Textures.

Here are a few of my favorite prints from Days 1 - 25.

The 100 Day Project: oval stamp, multi-colors.

The 100 Day Project: rotation and multi-colors.

The 100 Day Project: multi-color zigzags.

The 100 Day Project: layering two stamps.

The 100 Day Project: test page.

I  think I had a breakthrough here as this design got several comments on social media. 

The 100 Day Project: triangle stamp with symmetry and rotation.

My stamps are getting more sophisticated.

The 100 Day Project: inspired by free-motion quilting designs.

And my collection of hand-carved rubber stamps is expanding. I like experimenting with multiple stamps in a single pattern.

My box of hand-carved stamps.

Lots of great options!

Sunday, March 6, 2022

How many hand stitching projects is too many?

 How many hand stitching projects do you have going... at one time? Can one have too many?

My hand stitching supplies and daily practice.

Project inventory

Although I probably have other WIPs and class samples from years ago, these are my current "active" hand stitching projects. Toward the end of 2021, I started this medallion embroidery. It's portable and I work on it while traveling.

Medallion embroidery project.

In February, I was enamoured with this colorful bird fabric panel from P&B Textiles and started to embellish it with hand embroidery stitches.

Embellishing a fabric panel with hand embroidery.

I'm again participating in The 100 Day Project which started on February 13. I have two 100 Day Projects and the stitching one is a fabric scroll with hand stitching found objects. Both 100 Day Projects have a finite time frame with finish date is May 24, 2022.

The 100 Day Project: hand stitching a fabric scroll
with found objects and fallen pieces.

Yesterday, I attended an interesting online cultural embroidery workshop with Sarah Pedlow of ThreadWritten. The workshop was called "Embroidered Flowers of Portugal," and I was introduced to the Matiz (pronounced mah-teesh´) stitch as well as the cultural heritage of traditional embroidered Portuguese folkwear and linens.

When I went to my stash to gather supplies for the workshop, I realized my embroidery hoop was being occupied by another project. Hmmm... do I have too many going at once?

Portuguese flower embroidery pattern using the Matiz stitch.

I think not. Each of my current hand stitching projects offers something different: 

  • honing hand skills,
  • studying color,
  • experimentation and learning resourcefulness,
  • learning about culture and heritage,
  • carrying on a tradition and connecting with others,
  • embracing serendipity and practicing creativity, and
  • enjoying the mindfulness and relaxation of a slower, repetitive hand process.

  • Hand stitching supplies are minimal and easily accessible.

    Other great things about hand stitchery is the portability, minimal supplies, simple tools and I don't need any cables or power sources—excluding a light source, but this can be natural daylight. 

    And what better way to enjoy the sunshine as the days get longer?? Bring on the hand stitching... no matter how many projects it entails!

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