Saturday, February 5, 2022

The 100 Day Project for 2022

Are ya gonna do it? Who's in? The 100 Day Project starts on February 13 this year.

The 100 Day Project 2022
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I did two 100 Day Projects last year and it was so worth it! One involved selective cutting fabrics for 3/4" hexagons. The other one was drawing and mindful mark making.

My 100 Day Project: Printmaking with mixed media

After much contemplation, I'll be focusing on printmaking this year. I've left the door open for the possibility of incorporating other drawing and painting mediums—watercolors, colored pencils, Micron pens—should the mood strike. The work will be abstract. Making marks and creating textures. 

Here are the main supplies I've chosen to work with: rubber stamp blocks, carving tools, ink pads, watercolor paints, Aqua water brushes.

Supplies for The 100 Day Project: rubber stamp blocks, carving tools, ink pads,
watercolor paints and Aqua brushes.

The type or size of sketchbook for this mixed media project hasn't been determined yet. It might be that I use a few different sizes (a smaller one when traveling) with different types of paper. 

Sketchbooks for mixed media.

By the end of the 100 days (May 24), I should be better adept at carving stamps and making prints. I'll also have a stash of textures, prints and drawings to use in other things—bookmaking, cards, collage, art journaling, etc.

Commit to doing something creative for 100 days

This is the 9th year of this global art project. Anyone can do it and it's free! For inspiration and suggestions for choosing a topic/project, visit this website. Or read Michael Bierut's perspective on the original assignment (the impetus of today's The 100 Day Project) he presented to his graduate graphic design students. 

It's about PROCESS and showing up every day.

"Assignments can be too complicated but never too simple." —Gordon Salchow.

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