Sunday, July 26, 2020

Remakes: sometimes there are better choices

I decided to remake a few blocks from my 100 Days 100 Blocks project because I thought the compositions could be stronger.

Block 11: original block (left). Remake on the right.

This year I'm working with fabrics from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics for my 100 Days 100 Blocks project. Early blocks were made with fabrics I had on hand, but the addition of Painter's Palette solids to the fabric mix has really helped with fabric selection, value choices and block compositions.

Block 6 remake

Some remakes made quite an impact.

Block 8 remake of 4-patch corner units. 

Some calmed the chaos or refocused on specific motifs.

Block 5 remake

I'm making better fabric choices on current blocks but I may still re-look at other previous blocks for a potential do-over. 

It's much easier to fix 6-in blocks at this stage of the project.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sassy Squares in the new Pluses and Crosses collection

After completing the layout and production of the Spring 2020 LookBook for Diamond Textiles, I was able to get some of the props we used in the photo shoots. These are cuts from the new Pluses & Crosses yarn-dyed collection from Diamond Textiles that were featured in the LookBook. Aren't they gorgeous???

Several cuts from the Pluses and Crosses collection from Diamond Textiles.

These fabrics are yarn-dyed wovens. They have texture and pattern woven (not printed) into them. The brighter color palette is new this season. We need some bright, happy, fun colors in the world these days, don't you think?

Pluses and Crosses (top) with Nikko III (bottom) from Diamond Textiles.

I'm pairing Pluses and Crosses with the new brights from Nikko III to make Sassy Squares [pattern from the Franklin Quilt Company.]

Sassy Squares pattern by the Franklin Quilt Company.

I'm contemplating the possibility of hand stitching or kantha stitching for this project since these yarn-dyed cottons are soooo lovely for hand stitching. Can you say "hot knife through butter"?

Three Sassy Squares with Pluses and Crosses and Nikko III.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

100 Days 100 Blocks 2020 with Paintbrush Studio Fabrics

For the third year, I'm participating in the 100 Days 100 Blocks 2020 sew-along. This year, the majority of my fabrics are from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics [PBS Fabrics]. The quilt pattern is called "Make the Cut." The blocks finish at 6 inches (yep, ya learn how to nail your 1/4 inch seam!).

100 Days 100 Blocks 2020 Sew-along. #100days100blocks

Working with solids and prints
I started the 100 Days with two fat quarter bundles from PBS Fabrics, but quickly added these lovely Painter's Palette solids (this is the Jacquie Gering bundle)...

Jacquie Gering's Favorites bundle from Painter's Palette solids collection by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

... and some neutrals (April from the Birthstone series). The April birthstone is the diamond. 

Painter's Palette solids: April Birthstone bundle. 

I'm taking this Sew-along opportunity to work with both solids and prints, which is not my norm. I will say that the solids from the Painter's Paletteand all the PBS fabricshave an extremely soft feel to them! The solids, in particular, are much softer than some of the other solid fabrics I have in my stash. This is certainly going to be an enjoyable patchwork process!

Block progress
These are the first six blocks with prints from Flutter and Food Trucks. Both of these fabric lines have fun images—ice cream cones, donuts, burgers and butterflies—for fussy cutting, and they are size-appropriate for the 6 inch blocks.

Make the Cut Blocks 1 - 6.

My blocks are pieced in batches, however, I post daily photos on social media per the guidelines of the sew-along. Several blocks were pieced or cut out before I got the Painter's Palette solids. So when the solids arrived, I started incorporating them... in Blocks 9 and 12. 

Make the Cut Blocks 7 - 12.

Blocks 13 through 16 have incorporated more solids with the prints.

Make the Cut Blocks 13 - 16

Should the mood strike, I may re-make a few of the earlier blocks and incorporate solid fabrics. Time will tell.

Painter's Palette solids from Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.
April Birthstone, Diamond bundle.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Stitching Success Tracker status and kantha revisited

Half of 2020 is behind us. (not sure if this is a relief?... or not)

Either way, I'm sure many of you quilters, stitchers and makers have immersed yourselves in fabric, thread and stitch activities to soothe the mind and soul during the turbulent, on-going, coronavirus attack. 

2020 stitching calendar. Six month status.

This is my stitching success tracker for the first 6 months of 2020—color coded by stitching activity. The turquoise areas are my Make Nine 2020 finishes.

A revisit to kantha slow stitching
Yesterday, I posted a picture of my kantha stitched Flag Girl in honor of Independence Day. 

Flag Girl. Kantha stitching and hand embroidery.

This prompted a revisit to a nearly-complete Sunshine Girl kantha stitching project that was started about 2-3 years ago. While watching the Hamilton musical on TV with my husband yesterday, I enjoyed a couple hours of relaxing kantha hand stitching on this piece.

Sunshine Girl hand stitching project (detail).

The stitching part of this project is almost complete... just the upper corner areas remain unfinished. I do love hand stitching with yarn-dyed wovens from Diamond Textiles.

Sunshine Girl hand stitching project (full).

I guess this is why my Stitching Success Tracker is so colorful. I bounce between several "types" of machine and hand needlework... and between new projects and a multitude of WIPs [works in progress]. 

I think each one feeds a specific need.

My Stitching Success Tracker color legend.

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