My Garment Makes

Below is a list of links to my Me Made garments. Most are made with fabrics from the companies I represent. The posts contain details about the fabric lines, my process, threads, tips and modifications.

9 Lives top with pintuck fabric [Diamond Textiles]
9 Lives top with Aboriginal prints and vintage buttons [M&S Textiles Australia]

Siena Shirt and Valencia one seam pants [Diamond Textiles, M&S Textiles Australia]
Aboriginal prints, wide stripes in the Siena Shirt [M&S Textiles Australia]
Hand stitching details on Siena Shirt [Stonehenge from Northcott]
Siena Shirt with Off the Grid [P&B Textiles]

Berwick Street Tunic with an Aboriginal print  [M&S Textiles Australia]
Collins Top, Nikko Geo yarn-dyed wovens [Diamond Textiles]
Cottage Shirt in Yalke Blue [M&S Textiles Australia]

Boho Wiksten Top with vintage and digital prints
Wiksten Top in Tweed Thicket [Diamond Textiles]

Knit Fabrics
Sewing with knits [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Lightning bolt stitch on knit top [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Making a pattern from an existing garment [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Odette knit top [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Odette top with plaid print knit [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Knit top patchwork [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Long sleeve knit top [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Short sleeve knit tops [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Bristol knit top with short sleeve modification [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Two-color Bristol knit top [Art Gallery Fabrics]
Bristol knit top [Art Gallery Fabrics]

Rayon Fabrics
MixIt top in rayon [Art Gallery Fabrics]
MixIt top in rayon [Art Gallery Fabrics]

Valencia pants and Siena Shirt [Diamond Textiles and M&S Textiles Australia]
The Tablecloth Jacket with repurposed textiles
Kalamkari jacket [Diamond Textiles]

Midi or Mondo Bag with yarn-dyed wovens [Diamond Textiles]
Cargo Duffle with cotton canvas [Alexander Henry, Diamond Textiles]

Making a garment muslin with 108" wide quilt backing
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