Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Fashion Revolution week: video of the Blood, Sweat & Tears collection

Have you seen photos of people holding "Who made my clothes?" and "I made your clothes" signs posted on social media sites? This is one aspect of the campaign by the global Fashion Revolution non-profit organization to bring awareness about questionable practices and unethical behaviors in the fashion industry. 

fashionrevolution.org  #whomademyclothes

Last week, April 18-24, was Fashion Revolution Week. This event is held annually around April 24, the anniversary of the deadly Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. After seeing Fashion Revolution announcements, and knowing little about it, I was interested to learn more. 

Roundtable discussion: The Other Side: Future of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing.

I caught replays of a few of the presentations but the one that stuck me the most was a roundtable discussion: The Other Side: Future of Ethical Fashion Manufacturing, hosted by Samiul Alam. Check out the video and pay particular attention to the video at the end. It's the video trailer for Samiul's graduation garment collection, called Blood, Sweat and Tears. 

Dramatic. Emotional. Powerful.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter

Stan Leigh investigates the Bunny Bag. Pattern available from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Shiloh Pieced and Present supports animal relocation with quilt blocks

Tonni Shirley, the quilt shop owner of Shiloh Pieced and Present, is sponsoring a community project for Hardin Animal Rescue and Transition Team [HARTT], a non-profit for rescued animals in Tennessee. When I saw Tonni's post on social media, I thought it was a wonderful idea and wanted to contribute.

12" cat quilt block (12.5" unfinished) for Shiloh Pieced and Present community project.

Shiloh Pieced and Present is collecting 12.5" (12" finished) quilt blocks for a silent auction quilt. The blocks have a focus on dogs and cats. The details and specifications for the blocks—as well as the deadline for submissions—is listed on the shop's FB page.

Three dog-themed quilt blocks.

Three cat-themed quilt blocks.

I made a few blocks about a week ago. But yesterday... I desperately needed some time with the sewing machine so I made four more.

Log cabin style dog-themed quilt block.

Dog-themed quilt block.

To keep things balanced, two blocks are dog-themed and two are cat-themed.

Cat-themed quilt block.

Cat-themed quilt block. Simple, but effective. Look at those eyes!

My blocks are going in the mail tomorrow. I hope the auction is successful and raises both awareness and funds for the care and shelter of the animals that go through the HARTT organization.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Day 50 of The 100 Day Project—the halfway point

We're half way through the 100 Day Project 2022! It's flying by. Progress is steady, technique is improving, and I'm discovering interesting things.

Day 50 of The 100 Day Project 2022.

100 Days of Stitching: Stitched scroll with found objects

The 100 Day Project for 2022 started on February 13 and I'm doing two projects again this year. For my 100 Days of Slow Stitching, I'm on the third fabric scroll. The first 20 days are on scroll #1 and Days 21 - 42 are on scroll #2. 

Two completed stitched scrolls and the beginning of the third.
From The 100 Day Project 2022.

Since starting scroll #3, I've been experimenting with the blanket stitch and its variations. Here is the stitching for Day 50. 

Day 50/100: 100 Days of Slow Stitching found objects and fallen pieces.

100 Days of Patterns and Textures with hand-carved stamps 

For my stamp-carving project, I'm working in two sketchbooks and they are filling up quickly. Over the last 20 days or so, I've been combining multiple stamps in patterns and layers. One can eat up several pages just experimenting with different color and stamp combinations. It's so liberating and fun!

Working two sketchbooks for The 100 Day Project 2022: Patterns and textures with hand-carved stamps.

My carving is getting better and I've figured out a few techniques to getting cleaner designs. I have 52 hand carved stamps in my collection. 

52 hand-carved stamps in my personal collection.

I have a plastic pencil box in which I keep my stamps. This makes it easy for traveling.

Plastic box for traveling with stamping supplies.

Stamp carving discoveries

This 100 Day stamp project has the most learning potential for me because I've had very limited experience with carving rubber stamps. A few things I've discovered so far:

  • the simplest design is often the most versatile.
  • ghost prints (a second print without re-inking the stamp) can make the design appear more complex.
  • ghost prints make it look like there are more colors of inks than there really are,
  • every stamp has TWO SIDES!
  • if stamps are the same size, or have a side with a common size, they are easy to combine into a new design.
  • using acrylic mounts for the stamps make the process cleaner (less inky fingers) and easier.
  • taking photographs (for both projects) is much better in natural light. I don't like the color shifts from incandescent inside lighting.

My pattern for Day 50/100:

Day 50/100: 100 Days of Textures and Patterns with hand-carved stamps.

Hand-carved stamp and patterns.

A quote by American filmmaker, Ava DuVernay, was illustrated in a recent Do the 100 Day Project post:

"Don't wait for permission to do something creative." —Ava DuVernay

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