Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The baseball Easter egg... and other dye techniques

Here are the results of the 2014 Easter egg dyeing escapade. First up are the masking tape resist dyed eggs. Notice three of these are two colors. They were twice dyed.
Resist dyed Easter eggs.
Next are the solids, the two-toned, and an attempt at marbling (upper left green and lower left almost-white). This was not as successful as Ms. Stewart would lead you to believe. The half-and-half dipped are easier and more successful.
Solids, duotones and marbled eggs.
Then come the crayon resist Easter eggs. These have the greatest color and design potential: free-motion quilting patterns, feathers, a spiral and note the yellow baseball egg... front and center.
Crayon resist dyed eggs.
 Larry even printed out a picture of an official MLB Rawlings baseball as reference.
Rawlings reference for the baseball egg.
We don't do it "half way" at our house.
MLB baseball and its twin [by another momma chicken]—the baseball egg.
(Hey Jerry, I hope you liked the baseball egg!)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Break out the Big Box of 96!

Break out the Big Box of 96 crayons! It's coloring time again.

Prepping for the annual Easter egg coloring event.
The eggs are hard boiled.

The collection of egg dippers came out of the drawer.

Butter is softening for cookies.

I rummaged through my vast assortment of cookie cutters and pulled out the bunny, chick, lamb and egg.

Oh, and I found one cutter in the shape of a hexagon—well, just because I've had hexies on my mind.

We're looking forward to several free-motion egg designs, a little shibori dying, and the traditional—and always wildly popular—baseball egg.

Hope you're enjoying the season, too.

Cookie cutters.
I wonder if the hexagon cutter will be very efficient for cookie dough cutting… we'll see.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cassandra claims her improv quilt

The improv-pieced kitty quilts are being well-used and well-loved over at the Cat Clinic. I stopped in to pick up Lucy's 6-month preventative medicine and Cassandra (the shop kitty) was in her new box on the counter.
Cassandra on the turtle quilt.
Jennifer was quick to point out that Cassandra decided to claim the quilt with the turtles for her new box.
Cassandra's choice!
This kitty is not camera shy! After I took the first picture, she promptly got up, turned around, and took a seated pose. (Or maybe she was guarding her quilt.)
Kitty quilts at the Cat Clinic.
While tidying up my studio the other day, I found another batch of scraps purrrrr-fect for improv pieced kitty quilts. I'd also like to tackle making this kitty house.
Crocheted kitty house.
Crochet instructions are on Eilen Tein's blog.
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