Saturday, October 3, 2015

ATCs: Art Deco

"Art Deco" by Diane Pineschi
Every period in history is reflected in its art. Art Deco—taking its name from the 1925 expo held in Paris, the L'Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernesis an eclectic style that reflected the industrialization, sophistication and technology of the time (1920s - 1940s).

Art Deco was the theme for the September FiberAntics Artist Trading Card [ATC] swap. In these ATCs you'll find the geometric, symmetrical and ornamental characteristics of the style depicted in architecture, fashion and literature. The style of Art Deco is still emulated today.

"Art Deco" by Karen Downer 
"Art Deco in Chicago 1933"
by Liz Armstrong
"Deco Calling" by Patti Moreland

"Art Deco Chicago Style"
by Cathy Dillon

"Better Living through Modern Chemistry Art Deco Style"
by Marilyn League

"Art Deco" by Sharon Griffith

"A little Art Deco quilting design"
by Bonnie Stevens

"Art Deco jewelry" by Debbie Joyner
"Art Deco" by Judy Parton

"Art Deco" by Dawn Spagna
"Art Deco" by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

Friday, September 25, 2015

Piecing a double wedding ring quilt top from the past

Some stitching friends and I got together last weekend in Sewanee for a couple hours of Slow Stitching. One of the projects that came out of the UFO [unfinished object] pile was this lovely double wedding ring quilt top started by Claire's mother.
Unfinished double wedding ring quilt top.
We laid the bulk of the top across two tables to assess the progress. Except for a few pieces, the top is almost complete and Claire is determined to finish it. I love time-span quilts, don't you?
Assessing the next steps.
The rings are pieced by machine, but the muslin footballs and centers are all pieced by hand. This is not an easy pattern! Claire's mom was obviously quite a proficient piecer as the top lays very flat.
One ring needs to be removed and relocated to finish the top.
It appeared that all the necessary pieces were there in order to finish the top. One partial block had an extra "football" unit (above photo) that needed to be taken off to make the pieces fit together properly. Claire thinks this misplaced ring contributed a bit of frustration to the project and might have been the reason her mom set it aside and it didn't get finished. This will soon be remedied.
The misplaced football will go at the end of this row.
You can tell by the placement of the fabrics in the rings and intersections that the original quiltmaker had a definite color scheme in mind. Claire plans to keep the scalloped edge and has additional fabrics from her mom's fabric stash to use for binding. 
You can see the carefully executed color plan for this quilt.
Won't this two-generation double wedding ring be so charming when it's quilted and bound? What a heart-warming story it tells. I'll have to suggest to Claire to document the story on a label.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The last day of Chattanooga's AQS quilt show

"You'll never look at quilting
the same way again."
Saturday is the last day of the AQS quilt show in Chattanooga. If you don't go see it today, it's gone!

The lectures are entertaining, amusing and informative. The classes are enlightening and motivating. The vendor floor is buzzing with activity and inspiration. And of course the quilts… oh, the quilts... As the banner says, "You'll never look at quilting the same way again."

By the way, this banner with my quilt, "Pi" has hung over aisle 400 all this week. It's been on everyone's name badge, too, which has been very cool for me.

It's been a fun, exhausting and exhilarating week… running into past and present guild friends, former students, fellow workshop attendees, clients and various stitching comrades... meeting all kinds of talented quilters and making new friends in the classes, lectures and on the show floor—all kindred spirits.

I hope you don't pass up this wonderful opportunity! Over 180 quilts, plus 5 special exhibits.
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