Saturday, February 3, 2024

Make Nine 2024: it's my 6th year!

Another year, another Make Nine Challenge! Make Nine 2024 is my 6th year! This is my new worksheet for 2024 and my nine prompts.

Make Nine 2024 worksheet.

My 2024 Make Nine prompts

As in the previous years, I use Make Nine "prompts" instead of listing specific projects to allow for more flexibility, serendipity, and success. I started using prompts in 2021 as this works best for me. As in the past, I've kept a few favorites from previous years, modified some, and revisited one from previous years. 

Here are my prompts for 2024:

  • UFO: I have several. Doesn't everyone? This helps whittle down the pile.

  • Wild Card x 2: I've got two spaces for unanticipated things that pop up during the year.

  • Yarn project: I've included a yarn prompt again. This prompt was absent from Make Nine 2023 but I will usually do something with yarn during the year, so it has its own prompt again.

  • Mend/Upcycle: this is a favorite prompt of mine! It reinforces the idea of taking care of the things were already have and also checks the "sustainability" box.
  • Learn More in '24: Learning a new craft, technique, tool, substrate, etc. keeps me open and challenged and feeds my curiosity. 
  • Online Challenge: this was a new prompt in 2023 and I've included it again this year. There are so many great Challenges that people and groups are hosting online. I have participated in several through the years.
  • Make it Again: Another favorite! I'll likely use a tried-and-true pattern with a new fabric or print. Enjoying the process without much prep or research.

  • Fun and Easy: another repeat prompt. These projects usually coincide with a charity project, a gift, or a mindful project that is easy and portable. These provide instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment. 

Another good mix of prompts and project potential. Let the making begin!

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