Saturday, February 17, 2024

My 100 Day Project for 2024: Paint, Paper, Stitch

I'm doing The 100 Day Project again this year! It starts tomorrow—February 18.

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100 Days of Paint, Paper, and Stitch

For 2024, I'm going to combine watercolor painting on paper, and stitching. (I'm thinking hand stitching since it's portable, but I'm not ruling out machine stitching). 

Supplies for 100 Days of Paint, Paper, Stitch

The 100 Day Project Plan for 2024

I've got the supplies on hand and they are all portable:

  • watercolors 
  • brushes, including the aqua brushes with the build-in water reservoir (not shown above)
  • watercolor paper
  • floss, perl cotton, threads for stitching
  • needles, scissors, sewing accessories

I will likely start off with watercolor practice exercises as I'm enrolled in a Willa Wanders Watercolor for Relaxation class. Once I've got some watercolor techniques under my belt, I'll experiment with stitching through the painted watercolor paper. I did stitching on paper while working through the Junk Journal January Challenge in 2023 and 2024. I think this informed the idea for this year's 100 Day Project. 

Being open, being flexible

Should the mood strike, I'm open to adding stamped images using my hand-carved stamps, hand lettering, and slow drawing to the compositions. I practiced and developed these techniques in previous 100 Day Projects. We'll just have to see how things evolve...

Open up your World is one of the stitching with found objects compositions from my 100 Day Project in 2022. 

Open up our World, 100 Days of Stitching with Found Objects, 2022

That says it all.

Just do The 100 Day Project!

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