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The 100 Day Project 2024 starts February 18

Are you ready? Do you have your idea for this year? Here's the "heads up"! The 100 Day Project for 2024 starts February 18.

The 100 Day Project 2024 starts February 18.

How did The 100 Day Project get started?

I love this story! Read Michael Bierut's essay in Design Observer about how he gave this assignment to his graphic design students at the Yale School of Art. There are many examples of the projects his students took on. My favorite is the one about the clunky wooden folding chair. 

So really, ANYthing is possible.

Make your plan

I started doing the 100 Day Project in 2021. I've done 6 projects since then:

Recommendations and FAQs from the 100 Day Project coordinators for choosing a project: 

Deciding on a 100 Day Project.

Get your idea and supplies ready

I've got a pretty good idea of what I'll be doing this year. My suggestions for choosing a project are:

  • make it manageable: don't try to create a masterpiece for every day! You'll burn out quickly.
  • make it simple: it can be one row of knitting, a line of stitching, hand lettering a single quote on a page in a sketchbook, a doodle a day, a simple line drawing... 
  • make it small: since I take this on the road, my supplies are minimal—something I can put in a small ziplock baggie. You know what you and your life can manage.
  • think of something you can do in about 5 minutes. We can all scrounge up 5 minutes, right? Do it while you sip your cup of coffee or tea. Do it when you brush your teeth. Do it right after dinner. If you are enjoying the process and you have a little more time here and there, you can extend the time you're creating.
  • share your practice: if you're on social media, come up with a unique hashtag for your project and share your daily (or weekly, if that works better) progress. You'll be both inspired and encouraged by the others who are participating.

I hope you'll join in the fun! I've gotten so, so much out of the projects I've done in the past—learning something new, honing certain skills, using my stash/supplies/tools, and earning and relishing in that sense of accomplishment when I cross the 100 Day finish line.

It's free. 

Just DO IT! 

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