Saturday, January 20, 2024

Carve December, Junk Journal January, and 36 new hand-carved stamps

I thought I'd recap another fun and productive Carve December that was hosted by Julie at Balzer Designs at the end of last year, 2023. By the end of December, I had 36 new, hand-carved stamps to add to my collection.

New stamps carved during Carve December Challenge 2023.

2023 was the second year I participated in the Challenge. Here are a few of the stamped compositions I created.

Compositions from various days of Carve December 2023.

Seasonal botanicals were used as inspiration for new carves—paperwhites, poinsettias, holly leaves, mistletoe, and the Christmas cactus.

Several botanical images were carved for this year’s Christmas card.

Christmas cactus stamp and its inspiration.

I like stamping repeats and think they make wonderful compositions and patterns.

I always enjoy the patterns created from repeated images.

The last prompt of the Challenge was “sparkly.” For this prompt, I created several compositions using a combination of several of the new stamps. Just in time for the entrance of the New Year!

Combining several stamps in a composition.

This is a glimpse of the area on the kitchen table—with stamp pads, stamps, stamp mounts, and sketchbooks—where I create sometimes. 

Stamping tools at the kitchen table.

Junk Journal January 2024

I'm using some of the stamps from Carve December in my junk journal for Junk Journal January Challenge, hosted by @megjournals and @getmessyart. 

Junk Journal January 2024: Day 5

Junk Journal January 2024: Day 20

Here's my 2024 junk journal that I'm filling with collages, paper scraps, paint, slow drawings, hand lettering, and of course, my new hand-carved stamps.

Junk journal for 2024.

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