Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sassy Squares in the new Pluses and Crosses collection

After completing the layout and production of the Spring 2020 LookBook for Diamond Textiles, I was able to get some of the props we used in the photo shoots. These are cuts from the new Pluses & Crosses yarn-dyed collection from Diamond Textiles that were featured in the LookBook. Aren't they gorgeous???

Several cuts from the Pluses and Crosses collection from Diamond Textiles.

These fabrics are yarn-dyed wovens. They have texture and pattern woven (not printed) into them. The brighter color palette is new this season. We need some bright, happy, fun colors in the world these days, don't you think?

Pluses and Crosses (top) with Nikko III (bottom) from Diamond Textiles.

I'm pairing Pluses and Crosses with the new brights from Nikko III to make Sassy Squares [pattern from the Franklin Quilt Company.]

Sassy Squares pattern by the Franklin Quilt Company.

I'm contemplating the possibility of hand stitching or kantha stitching for this project since these yarn-dyed cottons are soooo lovely for hand stitching. Can you say "hot knife through butter"?

Three Sassy Squares with Pluses and Crosses and Nikko III.

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