Friday, January 3, 2020

Make Nine Challenge 2020

Yep, I'm taking the Make Nine Challenge again this year! I participated in Make Nine 2019 and was [mostly] successful. I also learned from the amendments I made in my list to better plan for this year.
My Make Nine 2020. #MakeNine

Make Nine 2020
In 2020, I'm being more flexible and open-ended in my list. This will allow for a serendipitous project, pattern or inspiration that may catch my eye during the upcoming 12 months. In no particular order, here are my project goals:
  • Pillowcases: I made several pillowcase sets for gifts last year. This year, I'm going to treat myself with some—and hopefully not wait for the holidays before they're complete.
  • Kalamkari: I have yardage of beautiful hand stamped kalamkari fabric from Diamond Textiles. It's been in my stash for the better part of last year (already pre-washed) and I want to create something wonderful with it to wear.
Kalamkari fabrics from Diamond Textiles.

  • Knitting: Inspired by my yarn rep friend, Joan, I got back into knitting last year. A knitting project was included in Make Nine 2019 and is again this year. The plan is for it to be a yarn stash buster.
  • Portable yarn project: I'm thinking about a small, fun, portable knit or crochet project to use my stash of small balls of leftover yarns. Maybe play with stitch patterns on dishcloths.

In progress MixIt top using rayon fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics.

  • Rayon top: This was on the 2019 list, but was not completed because the weather turned cold and my project choice was a short sleeve top—the Mixit from The Sewing Workshop. The project has been forwarded to the 2020 list.
  • UFO finish: Let's face it. I complete more projects that have a deadline. One of my UFOs will make it across the finish line this year.

Quilts for Kitties.

  • Charity: I have two organizations that I support with handmade quilts. One is through my quilt guild and the other is the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga.

Australian aboriginal cotton prints from M&S Textiles Australia.

  • Two Wild Cards: I've given myself two open boxes to fill this year. I'm on the lookout for an appropriate project to create something with my natural dyed fabrics. The fabric is too special to settle for something less than ideal.
         I also have a stash of lovely Art Gallery knits and cotton prints form M&S Textiles Australia that I'd like to see become garments. 

Anyone else up for a gentle nudge to make and finish things this year? Join the Make Nine Challenge 2020! It's a good platform on which to focus a small list of things you'd like to accomplish. Rochelle [the founder of Make Nine] at Home Row Fiber Co. offers some helpful tips for choosing your projects.

I'm hoping to make several of my wishes come true and move a few UFOs into the "done" pile.

The final recap of 2019 Make Nine:
  1. Picasso Top. I substituted with the Odette Top, another Wiksten top, and the Cottage Shirt. Finished
  2. Collins TopFinished
  3. Jacket using Diamond Textiles yarn-dyed wovensFinished
  4. Lolita Vest (a yarn project)Finished
  5. PillowcasesFinished
  6. Tote or project bag with a zipper was the Zippy Pouch using an orphan quilt block. Finished
  7. Wiksten Top, a project incorporating vintage textiles, recycled or re-purposed elements. Finished
  8. Project with visible hand stitchingFinished
  9. Wild Card—something using rayon fabrics was carried forward to 2020 Make Nine. I made 2 pair of Valencia pants instead. Finished

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