Sunday, August 11, 2019

Pillowcases: a Make Nine finish

Back in January, I signed up for the Make Nine Challenge [#makenine]. Pillowcases was one of the projects on my list. After a lot of intricate piecing of 6-inch blocks for The Farmer’s Wife sampler, I am happy the tides turned toward easier sewing—pillowcases.
Four pairs of pillowcases. Make Nine Challenge 2019.

Pillowcases are always fun to make and especially fun to give—whether you have those "hard to get for" people or not. Pillowcases are personal, customizable, useful, easy to sew, and one size fits all!
Floral and Fishing themed pillowcases.

The colorful birds shown in various fabric prints is my personal favorite. The pillowcase cuff has rows of dog houses.
Pillowcases for the yarn lover. The birds and dog house pillowcases are for me.

A refresher of my 2019 Make Nine list and a status report:
  1. Picasso Top.
  2. Collins Top. Finished
  3. Jacket using Diamond Textiles yarn-dyed wovens. Finished
  4. Lolita Vest (a yarn project)Finished
  5. PillowcasesFinished
  6. Tote or project bag with a zipper
  7. Project incorporating vintage textiles, recycled or re-purposed elements
  8. Project with visible hand stitchingFinished
  9. Wild Card—something using rayon fabrics
Five finishes and four to go for Make Nine 2019.

Stan Leigh.
This is Stan Leigh, my studio sentry. She was supervising the photography for this blog post. 

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