Sunday, August 18, 2019

100 Days 100 Blocks Challenge: Day 49 perspective

At the nearly half-way point of the Kinship Fusion Sampler sew-along—aka #100Days100Block—here is what my first 49 blocks look like together. 
#100Days100Blocks2019 Kinship Fusion Sampler progress at day 49.
Fabrics are Tweed Thicket and Nikko III from Diamond Textiles.

I'm using yarn-dyed wovens from Diamond Textiles for my fabrics this year, so at a distance, the fabrics look much like solids. Up close, their inherent woven textures becomes apparent—especially the Nikko III fabrics.
Nikko III yarn-dyed cotton wovens from Diamond Textiles.

Still time to change navigation
The current process is that I compose each block individually—pulling colors and value for a single block's composition. Now, with only half of the blocks complete, there is still opportunity to rethink color and/or value placement for the remainder of the blocks.

The final block layout is not yet determined. The arrangement of the blocks (with color in mind), the introduction of sashing or background fabric(s) will play a part in the final composition and flow of the eye across the quilt.

One thing I did discover while putting the blocks up on the design wall was a missing piece in Block 46 (the block was smaller in one dimension).

This is the corrected block.
Kinship Block 46

It's good to stand back and look at the progress of your work every so often.


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