Sunday, January 5, 2020

Project management system for makers

Forget Gantt charts, scrum boards, Microsoft Project and those other project management programs... Here's a great *visual* success tracker for makers and creatives. It's a chart by Karalenn Hippen at

Easy, colorful project success tracking system for makers and creatives.

How to use it
When you do a little work on any of your projects—stitching, piecing, sewing, knitting, swatching, hemming, mending, quilting, binding, whatever—color the space for that day (inside or outside the lines). Over time, you'll see your progress for each month.

I'm thinking about a contrast color for when I finish a project so at-a-glance, my finishes will stand out at the end of the year.

Calendar chart from Nerd-bucket.blogspot.

So grab your colored pencils, markers, or coloring tool of choice and have fun tracking how and when you spend time doing the creative work you love. Here's wishing you have a colorful year!

Thanks, Karalenn! Great chart idea.

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