Sunday, January 12, 2020

UFO quilt assessment

One of my Make Nine goals for 2020 is to finish one of my UFOs [unfinished objects]. 
Oh, where to begin?! 
Work in progress: crumb quilt.

Crumb Quilt
If I choose to finish a project from the "Quilt UFO" pile, there are four *relatively* recent quilts in progress. The one above is a crumb quilt made with leftover bits, trimmings and fabric swatches. It's the most recent project which developed out of the crumb patches I started making in October 2019.
I started piecing crumbs into strips in October 2019.

I was using fabric bits for leaders and enders while working on other projects. So, the crumb patches morphed into strips and the strips began to grow.

Crumb strips in November 2019.

By December, the crumb strips needed to be a project of their own.

15 inch quilt block made from fabric crumbs.

Kinship Sampler
In early December, forty-nine of my Kinship Sampler blocks made it into this top. While traveling in early December, I found fabric for borders and backing at Neff's Country Loft, a quilt shop with a fabulous selection of Diamond Textiles' textured wovens. So, I have the remaining fabrics needed to complete this quilt. I need a plan for the quilting, however.
Work in progress: Kinship Sampler from the 2019 100 Blocks 100 Days project.

The Farmer's Wife Sampler
In August of 2018, I started work on blocks for my version of the Farmer's Wife sampler quilt. The blocks I decided to make were completed in June of 2019 to make way for the July start of the Kinship Sampler.  I've decided on a "kitchen sink" layout for these Farmer's Wife blocks... but the blocks are still on the design wall... awaiting top assembly.
Work in progress: Farmer's Wife blocks

A curated subset of my Farmer's Wife blocks are set on-point for a small quilt or wall hanging. The center section of this project is pieced.
Work in progress: Farmer's Wife blocks

What moves to the top of the 2020 To-Do list?
Do I tackle the smallest project first? the most recent one? the one with all the materials on hand? the one that's been around the longest?

I guess it will be whatever mood strikes me. Unless, of course, there is a deadline.

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