Sunday, February 13, 2022

Slow stitching with fabric panels

What stitcher or quilter doesn't love all the wonderful colors and weights of threads available for both machine and hand sewing? I certainly do! Recently, I decided to take these threads and incorporate slow stitching into a beautiful bird fabric panel from Songbird Serenade by Robin Mead Designs for P&B Textiles.

Songbird Serenade by Robin Mead Designs for P&B Textiles.

Pull out an embroidery stitch dictionary 

It's time to pull out an embroidery stitch dictionary—in paper or digital format—and learn a new stitch or two. This 1963 edition of Needlework Stitches by Barbara Snook was a recent find at the Book Exchange of Foley.

Needlework Stitches by Barbara Snook, published in 1963.

Songbird Serenade has a 3-block panel, with each bird image approximately 13.5" x 17.5" (including the border). This bird's wing is a prime canvas for a sampler of hand embroidery stitches—seed stitch, blanket stitch, back stitches and others. Have a stitching embellishment party with your bird!

Various embroidery stitches embellish the wing of the bird.

Needles, threads and tools for hand stitching

As long as you have a hand sewing, crewel, sashiko or embroidery needle that accommodates the thread weight (thickness) and has a sharp point that will go easily through the cotton fabric panel, your thread choice is wide open. I'm also using an embroidery hoop for this project.

A sampling of threads and tools for slow stitching and hand embroidery.

As I have been an avid "collector" of machine and hand sewing and quilting threads for a number of years, I have a healthy thread supply from which to choose. A few favorites that I've used on my bird:

  • 5 wt. and 8 wt. perle cotton [Eleganza from WonderFil Specialty Threads]
  • 12 wt. cotton [Spagetti and Fruitti by WonderFil Specialty Threads]
  • 6-ply embroidery floss—using 3, 4 or 6 strands
Other options are cotton sashiko threads [Cosmo from Lecien], Ellana 12 wt. Merino wool/acrylic blend [WonderFil Threads], cotton floche, silk and silk blend threads or anything that catches your eye for enhancing your bird. 

Songbird Serenade projects

The Songbird Serenade collection will be available at your local quilt shop [YLQS] in April 2022. The 3-bird panel is accompanied by 11 colorful coordinating prints and an exclusive 108" wide backing designed specifically for this collection. 

Songbird Serenade panel from P&B Textiles.

What can you make with this fabric collection? Quilts, wall hangings, pillows, a tote bag, zipper pouch, a cover for your sketchbook, appliqué it to a jeans jacket, mount your embellished bird on foam core or wooden frame for wall art... are all creative possibilities. A quilt pattern will be available in April under the Songbird Serenade collection name at P&B Textiles.

Contact YLQS for needles, threads and Songbird Serenade fabrics from P&B Textiles. 

Songbird Serenade by Robin Mead for P&B Textiles.
Embellished with hand embroidery.

Keep stitching and serenade a fabric panel with colorful embroidery stitches!

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