Sunday, March 13, 2022

Days 1 - 25 of stamping patterns and textures

We passed the 25% mark for The 100 Day Project last week. I'm pleased with my progress on stamp carving, printmaking and creating patterns and textures.

Sketchbook for The 100n Day Project: Stamping, Patterns and Textures.

Here are a few of my favorite prints from Days 1 - 25.

The 100 Day Project: oval stamp, multi-colors.

The 100 Day Project: rotation and multi-colors.

The 100 Day Project: multi-color zigzags.

The 100 Day Project: layering two stamps.

The 100 Day Project: test page.

I  think I had a breakthrough here as this design got several comments on social media. 

The 100 Day Project: triangle stamp with symmetry and rotation.

My stamps are getting more sophisticated.

The 100 Day Project: inspired by free-motion quilting designs.

And my collection of hand-carved rubber stamps is expanding. I like experimenting with multiple stamps in a single pattern.

My box of hand-carved stamps.

Lots of great options!

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