Saturday, March 26, 2022

3rd Make Nine finish: the Fast and Fun prompt

My third finish for Make Nine 2022 is pillowcases—for the Fast and Fun prompt. My resident fisherman is the recipient of this project.

Pillowcases made with Kingfisher Camp by the River and Gathering by the River (cuff)
from M&S Textiles Australia.

He spotted the Kingfisher bird

While sorting and updating my fabric headers for M&S Textiles Australia, L noticed the Kingfisher Camp by the River print. He said he was familiar with the Kingfisher bird as he sees and hears it frequently when he's out fishing. "I would really like something made from this fabric," was his comment.

"Pillowcases" is a good response to that request. With minimal cutting, a little pressing and all straight line sewing, they are quick and easy to make.

Sweet Home Quilting filled the order. You can see the note on the order that they agreed
that Kingfisher Camp "would make awesome pillowcases."

Insights from the fabric designer

According to Nambooka, the Australian designer of the Kingfisher Camp by the River design, "the Kingfisher teaches us about alertness and opportunity. We must first look and then decide if it is the right choices for us to benefit our lives." 

The choice to make pillowcases is most always a "right choice"! Pillowcases are functional, can be personalized, are fun to make, and one size fits all.

Make Nine 2022 worksheet.

Thanks to the beautiful Kingfisher bird and the fabric that honors him, my third project for Make Nine 2022 is finished.

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