Sunday, March 6, 2022

How many hand stitching projects is too many?

 How many hand stitching projects do you have going... at one time? Can one have too many?

My hand stitching supplies and daily practice.

Project inventory

Although I probably have other WIPs and class samples from years ago, these are my current "active" hand stitching projects. Toward the end of 2021, I started this medallion embroidery. It's portable and I work on it while traveling.

Medallion embroidery project.

In February, I was enamoured with this colorful bird fabric panel from P&B Textiles and started to embellish it with hand embroidery stitches.

Embellishing a fabric panel with hand embroidery.

I'm again participating in The 100 Day Project which started on February 13. I have two 100 Day Projects and the stitching one is a fabric scroll with hand stitching found objects. Both 100 Day Projects have a finite time frame with finish date is May 24, 2022.

The 100 Day Project: hand stitching a fabric scroll
with found objects and fallen pieces.

Yesterday, I attended an interesting online cultural embroidery workshop with Sarah Pedlow of ThreadWritten. The workshop was called "Embroidered Flowers of Portugal," and I was introduced to the Matiz (pronounced mah-teesh´) stitch as well as the cultural heritage of traditional embroidered Portuguese folkwear and linens.

When I went to my stash to gather supplies for the workshop, I realized my embroidery hoop was being occupied by another project. Hmmm... do I have too many going at once?

Portuguese flower embroidery pattern using the Matiz stitch.

I think not. Each of my current hand stitching projects offers something different: 

  • honing hand skills,
  • studying color,
  • experimentation and learning resourcefulness,
  • learning about culture and heritage,
  • carrying on a tradition and connecting with others,
  • embracing serendipity and practicing creativity, and
  • enjoying the mindfulness and relaxation of a slower, repetitive hand process.

  • Hand stitching supplies are minimal and easily accessible.

    Other great things about hand stitchery is the portability, minimal supplies, simple tools and I don't need any cables or power sources—excluding a light source, but this can be natural daylight. 

    And what better way to enjoy the sunshine as the days get longer?? Bring on the hand stitching... no matter how many projects it entails!

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