Friday, January 1, 2021

Take the "Make Nine" Challenge in 2021

Happy New Year! I'm thankful that 2020 is in the rear view mirror and I hope everyone is planning creative, uplifting activities to find joy in 2021.

To start, I'll be participating in the Make Nine Challenge in 2021. It's my third year! Worksheets from my previous years' participation are at Make Nine 2019 and Make Nine 2020

My Make Nine 2021 worksheet.

Discoveries in 2020
It was very rewarding and fulfilling to complete all my Make Nine 2020 projects. Additionally,—due to travel curtailment during the pandemic—I had the opportunity to work on other projects this past year. In doing so, I learned a few things:

  • I rediscovered several UFOs from years past, 
  • I reconnected with the joy and relaxation of hand work, and 
  • I discovered a global community of textile artists and makers through social media and virtual technology. 

So, my plan for Make Nine 2021 is definitely influenced by these experiences. 

The 2021 Make Nine Plan
For Make Nine 2021, I’m including finishing or repurposing UFOs, experimenting with a new-to-me textile or technique, and will round out the list with some Make Nine favorites. I’ll be using general prompts and include a Wild Card again as I appreciated the flexibility this allowed in last year’s list.

Here's my 2021 list:

  • Crumbs: Crumbs are scraps or bits of fabric, yarn or threads left over from other projects. I'll be using some or all of these materials in a project.
  • Upcycle, repurpose or mend: this project will employ the ideas of recycling, sustainability, and working from the stash.
  • Easy and fun: this project could be pillowcases, a small fabric project or a quick, easy knitting or crochet project.
  • Yarn project: I enjoyed making and using the yarn projects I created in 2020. I plan to again make it a stash buster and pull materials from my yarn stash.

Hand stitching sampler from a Zoom workshop.

  • Mindfulness: This project will employ slow stitching or handwork.
  • New to me: In taking a few virtual workshops, I hope to be inspired to try a new technique, substrate or pattern.

I make kitty quilts for local pet organizations.

  • Charity: I have personal organizations I like to support and my guild has a community service project that I contribute to.
  • UFO: I'll be searching the pile and hope to complete at least one of them.
  • Wild card: I’m including a Wild Card again. Because you never know what interesting technique or inspiration may present itself during the year.

Make Nine badge.
Consider taking a Make Nine journey this new year!
Rochelle at Home Row Fiber Co has tips for creating a list and offers a printable Make Nine worksheet. You can snag the Make Nine badge here

The process of making is very rewarding... and if I've learned one thing from 2020, it's to make more time for art and creativity. It has gotten so many of us through the disturbing and frightful times of this last year... individually and collectively. 

Go grab your threads, fabrics, yarns, paper, colored pencils, paints, brushes—or whatever your mark-making utensil(s) of choice is—and find joy and happiness in the new year.

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