Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Crumb Quilt—first Make Nine finish for 2021

Can I get an exchange on 2021? It didn't start off as expected. Or maybe we'll just say this is December 42. Despite the chaos and horror of January 6, I'm going to take this quilt as a success in my small part of the world. This is my first Make Nine finish for 2021: a Crumb quilt.

Kitty crumb quilt. 22" x 29.25"

One of my Make Nine projects this year is to make something with crumbs—either fabric, yarn or threads. A week or so ago, I found a small bag of leftovers from a foundation paper piecing project—possibly started around 2014 -15. This fit the criteria.

Crumbs: foundation paper piecing project leftovers.

Piecing small crumbs together to make larger pieces, I picked up and sewed whatever pieces were close to the same size.

Paper piecing blocks.

Piecing together small crumbs into larger blocks and strips.

Eventually, the piece grew into a small patchwork quilt top.

Crumb quilt top

The top was pin basted and free-motion quilted this weekend. 

Pin basted quilt top.

The backing is flannel and the binding was attached by machine.

Flannel quilt backing.

I'm keeping this kitty quilt for our own pack of neighborhood cats. Here is a five-kitty pile-up of the tuxedo kitties. Where does one kitty start and another one end??

The tuxedo kitties in a Five Cat Pile-up.

But it looks like Oliver, one of the all-black kitties, tested the new quilt first.

Oliver sleeping on the new crumb quilt.

I'm sure the kitties will take turns on the new quilt. For me, I'm calling it a Make Nine finish!

First finish on my 2021 Stitching Success Tracker.

I love scrappy quilts and enjoy the challenge of improvisational patchwork with crumbs and strings. No doubt this little quilt will not be the only scrappy crumb quilt made this year. 

This stack of string blocks might be next in line for a finish. Definitely a time-span quilt. I know some of these blocks and fabrics go back to the 1990s.

String quilt blocks and a scrappy diamond block.

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