Sunday, January 3, 2021

A new Stitching Success Tracker for 2021

In January 2020, I found this cool "graphic" calendar from Nerd Bucket.blogspot. I call it my "Stitching Success Tracker" and adopted it to track my quilting and creative stitching activities through the year. Any day I got to work on a project/activity—patchwork, hand stitching, sewing, knitting, quilting, etc.—I'd color in the corresponding "day" on the calendar. 

2020 Stitching Success Tracker.

A Color Legend for daily tracking
Not realizing what 2020 would bring [a global pandemic] or the range of activities I got into [prompted by shelter-in-place], the idea was to use colors for different activities and a "contrast color" for a finished project. So in 2020, the "blue" days indicate a project finish—many corresponding to my Make Nine list. The "gray" days indicate I didn't have an opportunity for creative activities [looks like 28 of them].   :-( 

Turning the page to 2021, I'm starting with a fresh new calendar! With hindsight into last year's experience, I also pre-planned the color-coded legend. 

  • 9 activity categories—blues, greens, purples.
  • 1 "other" category for a new activity that may arise. 
  • 3 contrasting colors—red, orange and yellow—for different finishes. 

2021 Stitching Success Tracker, with color-coded legend.

Three days into the new year, I've made time for patchwork. I also have handwork projects that can easily travel with me. 

I hope not to miss a day of stitching or creative activities this year.

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