Saturday, October 7, 2023

Cold Front = long sleeves or jackets?

We awoke to mid 50-degree temperatures this morning. The cold front came through overnight and the upcoming week is predicted to be in the mid-60s to mid-70s. Although I welcome the crisp, cooler Fall weather, I have two short sleeve Bristol knit tops cut out and ready to sew!

Bristol Top with short sleeve version cut out.

Short sleeve pattern hack

I've made the Bristol Top several times. It looks different with every fabric print and it's fun to mix and match fabrics for color blocking. The pattern pieces lend themselves to several fabric combinations—yoke, sleeves, cuffs, bottom flap. 

On a re-make in 2022, I did a pattern hack—to make a short sleeve version. This weekend, I wanted to fine tune the sleeve by shorting the length and making the opening slightly larger to allow for more movement.

Short sleeves cut out and ready to sew.

The original sewing plan

I got an itch to do some garment sewing last month. My original plan for a new Bristol was:

  • to use up knit fabric remnants from my stash,
  • add to my short sleeve knit top wardrobe (I have mostly long sleeve knit tops),
  • fine tune the short sleeve pattern piece from the previous pattern hack.

The sleeve pattern was modified. I had all the pieces cut out for two short sleeve versions... ready to sew. 

         Now the darned cold front has moved through...

Another fabric combination for a new Bristol Top.

Throwing caution to the wind, I say, "Too bad on the weather forecast!" I'm sticking with the original plan and will take a jacket along. 

Plus, you can't always trust the weather forecast, now can you???

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