Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Make Nine finish #8: fast and fun cuddle quilts

In a recent post, I published tips and ideas for making quilts using time-saving techniques, fabrics, and tools. These ideas were used for three charity quilts that were completed for my guild's community service project. I'm using this "finish" to fulfil my Make Nine "Fast and Fun" prompt this year. 

"Fast and Fun" prompt for Make Nine 2023 is fulfilled.

Initially, I thought my "Fast and Fun" prompt might be fulfilled with a set of pillowcases—also a fun project—which I usually make for gifts throughout the year. It just goes to show that one never knows what projects will be put in one's path... these quilts crossed my path first.

Here are the three completed cuddle quilts (charity quilts) for my guild's community service project. With some planning and time-saving construction ideas, they were fast and fun!

Three finished charity quilts.

Now I'm feeling ahead of the game with Make Nine this year—with only one prompt remaining. The last prompt is a UFO finish

Oh, I have plenty of options for this one!

Make Nine 2023 tracker, August 2023.

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