Saturday, January 7, 2023

Make Nine 2023? Of course, I'm doing it again!

Make Nine. It’s a wonderful, gentle, year-long, maker’s Challenge. 2023 is my 5th year participating. 

Make Nine 2023 worksheet.

Over the years, I've learned from my Make Nine experiences how to set up goals and working through  this Challenge—the types of projects I like, wardrobe needs, setting challenge parameters to be successful, being flexible in my processes and goals, and documenting the processes and finishes. Here is what 2023 entails...

My 2023 Make Nine prompts

I have converted my Make Nine "projects" into "prompts" to allow for more flexibility, serendipity, and success. I started doing this in 2021 and it has worked well. As in the past, I've kept a few favorite prompts from previous years, modified some prompts, and added new ones. Here are my prompts for 2023:

  • New to Me in '23: I've used a New-to-Me prompt for the past two years. Trying a new pattern, technique, tool, substrate etc. keeps my creative process challenged and interesting.
  • Make it Again: I used this prompt last year and it was fulfilled early in the year... so it was a good one. I'll likely be using a tried-and-true pattern that has been a successful make in the past.
  • Fast and Fun: another repeat prompt. It's good to achieve instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment by making something that is fun to make or to use.
  • Mend/Repurpose: another carry-over from last year. I have several potential projects in mind for this prompt. This prompt also checks the "sustainability" box.
  • Online Challenge: this is a new prompt for 2023. I've participated in online Challenges over the years and will incorporate one as a Make Nine project.
  • UFO: this one needs no explanation (wink, wink).
  • Stash Buster: I'm not sure if this will be a fabric or yarn stash buster. I like working with and using up scraps, crumbs, thrumbs, and leftovers... and I have plenty of all of them. Time will tell as the year unfolds.
  • Wild Card x 2: this prompt allows for the unexpected and I've opened the door for two possibilities this year.

It's a good blend of project potential.

Documenting the process with the Make Nine worksheet

I think the Make Nine worksheet is helpful, and mine keeps me accountable. You can find a blank Make Nine worksheet here at Home Row Handcraft or make your own (it doesn't need to be fancy, just functional). Ro at Home Row also offers suggestions for choosing projects for Make Nine. 

On my worksheet (see photo above), I write/draw each prompt in a box. I use a black, waterproof marker (like a Micron pen) to write the prompt, leaving space in each box for a drawing of the finished project, the project/pattern name, a completion date, and any other bit of info I think is important. 

Worksheets over the years

Here are examples of how my Make Nine worksheet has evolved over the years. This worksheet is from 2019. It was more specific, with several projects identified.

Make Nine worksheet 2019

In 2020, My Make Nine worksheet combined specific projects with prompts. It included a Wild Card and a UFO prompt.

Make Nine worksheet 2020

In 2021, I went to all prompts.

Make Nine worksheet 2021

In 2022, I again used prompts.

Make Nine worksheet 2022

As a project is completed, I color in the prompt, indicate the completion date, the project name, and draw something that symbolizes the project. 

Completed Make Nine worksheet for 2022.

Why Make Nine?

One of the many great things about Make Nine, is that you can join in at any time. It runs all year and there are really no deadlines for any of the projects (although the Challenge does start anew each calendar year). I’ve added some nice garments and accessories to my wardrobe that I wear or use frequently. I’m  pleased with all my Make Nine makes and accomplishments over the years. I remember each one fondly—although maybe not in which year they were completed—and also enjoy looking back at all the worksheets that I keep in a sketchbook.

Take the Make Nine journey this year and find joy, serenity, and fulfillment through making. 

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