Sunday, March 14, 2021

Pillowcases from fabric panels, a Make Nine finish

Fabric panels.
They come in a variety of themes, sizes, formats—horizontal and vertical—are ubiquitous, and easy to use for all kinds of quilting and sewing projects, both large and small.

Have you considered using fabric panels for pillowcases? 

Make pillowcases with fabric panels.

The Whispering Pines fabric panel
These pillowcases were made with the 28" fabric panel from the Whispering Pines fabric collection from Northcott. For all the campers, nature lovers and outdoorsy types, this panel is ideal for pillowcases! I've paired it with a glow-in-the-dark firefly coordinate from the Nighttime in Bluebell Wood collection from Lewis and Irene

The Burrito Pillowcase construction method
The Magic Burrito Pillowcase method is my go-to construction for pillowcases. It uses French seams and there are no raw edges... and it's fun too!

Burrito method for pillowcase construction.

Because I was making a pair of pillowcases, two panels were needed. The panels are the same orientation, but I prefer each pillowcase of the pair to have the cuff on the "outside" (toward the edge of the bed). You have to plan for this when making the burrito roll... one cuff on the head side of the deer and the other cuff on the butt side. (Yes, this is how I reminded myself.)

Make sure one cuff is on the head side and one on the butt side of the deer.

My pillowcases fit the extra long, king pillows. If you have standard size pillows, you can omit the cuff or trim the width of the panel (to make the body of the pillowcase smaller). 

The other side of the pillowcase (which is actually the bottom portion of the panel) has a beautiful, watercolor design in blue-greens and teals.

Whispering Pines pillowcase backs.

Pillowcases from large scale prints
Continuing with animal fabrics, I also made pillowcases with 
Kenyan Cats, a large format print by Alexander Henry Fabrics. No cuffs were needed on these pillowcases. I'm just letting those big kitties dance and tumble across the bed. 

Pillowcases from Kenyan Cats from Alexander Henry Fabrics.

Gotta love all the color and print on these big kitties!

Reverse side of the Kenyan Cats pillowcases.

A Make Nine finish

This is my second Make Nine finish for 2021. It checks off the "Easy and Fun" category. 

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