Saturday, March 20, 2021

National Quilting Day 2021

Quilt made with fabric from M&S Textiles Australia.
Happy National Quilting Day 2021

We've got a colorful quilt made with Australian Aboriginal fabrics hanging outside in celebration of quilts and quiltmakers around the globe!

Since many quilts outlive their makers, The National Quilt Museum and Quilt Alliance are spreading the message to label quilts—whether you are the maker, recipient or purchaser.

Labeling quilts
The more information on the label, the better, since quilts can't talk. Consider including this information:

  • name of the quilt
  • the name of the maker
  • the name of the quilter (if not quilted by the maker)
  • date completed
  • city, state
  • description or reason or occasion for making the quilt—birthday, anniversary, commemorative, sampler quilt, etc.
  • if purchased, where it was purchased
  • any other information appropriate to telling the quilt's or quiltmaker's story.

Document your quilts and share their stories.

"Dominique" pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.

Here is the video with messages from the National Quilt Museum and the Quilt Alliance.

And an example of a quilt label for a purchased or inherited quilt.

Example of a quilt label for a purchased quilt.
Compliments of the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY.

Document quilts for future generations!

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