Sunday, August 17, 2014

Draw momentum from your local quilting community

Finished cuddle quilt 34" x 58"
and strip pieced top (left).
You've heard the phrase, "It takes a village." I remind myself of this when I struggle to carve out time to contribute to my quilt guild's Cuddle Quilt community service project. I realize this project is a group effort, but I want to do my part, too.

Due to a deadline-driven committee meeting for the quilt exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium for Chattanooga QuiltWeek, my friend, Vista, and I were regrettably unable to arrive in time to participate in our guild's annual Cuddle Quilt (CQ) workshop. This workshop is held one Saturday a year for guild members to get together and crank out charity quilts. It's a relaxing, social and productive day and we make phenomenal headway toward our cuddle quilt goal.

Vista and I arrived at the workshop just in time to help pack up the supplies and clean up the kitchen. However, I was able to pick up a stack of precut pieces that our workshop coordinator had prepared (thank you, Sherry!). So, with an impending guild meeting tomorrow evening, I felt the momentum and inspiration from my local guild community to put pedal to the metal and whip up a quilt top and finish quilting an in-progress lap quilt.

This little strippy quilt top was made last year. It has accompanied me to several Free-motion quilting demonstrations, so it has a variety of stitch patterns on it.
Free-motion quilting: loops.
swirls and bubbles...
Free-motion quilting: swirls and bubbles.
 feather and paisley shapes...
Free-motion quilting: paisley.
 ribbon candy...
Free-motion quilting: ribbon candy.
… and spirals.

Along with practicing free-motion quilting designs, charity quilts are also great palettes to experiment with thread/fabric color schemes. Here is a turquoise 50 wt. cotton thread on a tomato red border. Zingy… wouldn't you say?
Free-motion quilting with a contrasting thread color.
The binding was attached by machine.
Strip quilt 34" x 58"
With all the exhibit quilts, competition quilts and class samples lately, it was a welcome change to do some free-motion quilting... just for the pure enjoyment of it! I'll turn in my strippy cuddle quilt at tomorrow's guild meeting.
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