Thursday, August 7, 2014

Modern quilt Collaborative
at AQS QuiltWeek Chattanooga

In conjunction with AQS QuiltWeek Chattanooga [September 10-13, 2014], area quilters are gearing up for the show and also working on additional quilt exhibits around town. I have been heavily involved with a committee that is coordinating quilt exhibits at the Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX Theatre.
Detail of my section of the Tennessee River Project Collaborative
from the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG).
One of the projects that the committee initiated for the Aquarium exhibit was a group collaborative project with members of the Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild (CMQG). This has been really exiting to watch unfold!

Twenty-three guild members (including me) responded to the Call to Action: "Tennessee River Project: a Collaborative." To begin, each participant received a map with a section of the Tennessee River.
A map of a specific section of the TN River was given to each participant.
Although color, fabrics, technique(s) and composition were the choice of the quiltmaker, the requirements specified that the entry and exit points of the river on each participant's map was to be maintained and the finished piece was an exact size (100% reproduction) of the map.

At the July CMQG meeting, the individual maps were revealed. Here is a portion of the project with the quiltmakers.
CMQG members display their portions of the TN River Collaborative project.
Photo by Martha Steele.
I am gathering information about other exhibits that will be on display at various Chattanooga locations—the Creative Discovery Museum, the Chattanooga Theatre Center (along with a production of "Gee's Bend"), to name a few—during QuiltWeek Chattanooga. I'll include this information in future posts along with additional snippets from the TN River Collaborative project.

Be sure to schedule time during AQS QuiltWeek Chattanooga to take in all the quilts! They are truly Art-in-Fabric.
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