Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ATCs: From the Deck: Numbers

"Winning Hand"
by Lisa Howard
There were winning hands all around in the July Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap. The theme was "From the Deck: the number cards."

This is the third and final installment in the "From the Deck" ATC series which spanned the last 3 months. Previous months featured "Aces and Jokers," and "Royalty Cards." This month, all suits—hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades—were represented and we almost hit a straight with a 7-8-9-10 sequence.

Here are the ATCs from this month's participating artists. They are all great players and everyone is a winner!
"Two of Clubs"
by Liz Armstrong

"Five of Diamonds Lure—Go Fish"
by Bonnie Stevens

"Lucky 7"
by Marilyn League

"Behind the 8 Ball Again"
by Linda Smith

"Like a Diamond in the Sky"
by Cathy Dillon
"9 Lives of a Cat"
by Carlene Jacobsen

"Hearts of 10"
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega

"Number Cards"
by Sharon Griffith
"Do the best with the hand you are dealt."
by Karen Downer
Other "Lucky 7" cards included:
"Lucky 7"
by Marilyn League

"Lucky 7"
by Marilyn League

"Lucky 7"
by Marilyn League

"Lucky 7"
by Marilyn League
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