Saturday, November 18, 2023

Daylight Saving Time kitty quilts for a friend

When the clocks were turned back an hour for Daylight Saving Time, I took advantage of the “extra hour” for sewing and patchwork. Using improv piecing and a pile of flannel scraps I turned the bonus hour in the studio into a snuggly kitty quilt top for my friend and business associate, Concetta.

Improvisationally pieced flannel kitty quilt.

Concetta (Connie) not only has inside cats as pets, she also feeds and shelters several outside cats. She is a profound animal lover! 

Last weekend, this Daylight Saving quilt top and two other kitty quilt tops were free-motion quilted and the bindings attached.

Free-motion quilting on small flannel quilt.

All these scrappy quilts were improvisationally pieced with various flannel scraps and an upcycled flannel shirt.

Three new scrappy flannel kitty quilts. Sizes: 31.5” x 24”, 31.5” x 24”, 28” x 23”

Each quilt has a flannel backing as well—very soft and warm for the winter weather.

Flannel backings on three new kitty quilts.

Scrappy quilts and scrappy dish cloths

This morning, I packed up the quilts—along with a couple of hand knit dish cloths—and put the box in the mail to Connie. 

Kitty quilts and dish cloths ready for shipping.

The hand knit dish cloths are also scrappy—made with balls and bits of leftover cotton yarns. The stitch pattern is a slip stitch pattern that offers a pretty texture especially with the yarn color changes. Dish cloths are one of my meditative, handwork projects that I take on the road with me on sales trips. We use them in our kitchen all the time. They are useful and colorful.

A care package for Connie and her cats is on its way.

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