Saturday, December 18, 2021

A new, green kitty quilt

Now that we've had several cold December nights, the kitty beds on our back porch are more frequently occupied. Sometimes the kitties sleep single, sometimes in pairs, and sometimes they're in a big black-and-white pile where you can't tell where one cat ends and another begins. This is Stan Leigh and a buddy on my latest, green kitty quilt.

Stan Leigh and friend in a kitty bed.

After the long process of working on my guild Challenge entry, it was nice to whip out a small, stress-free quilting project—like a kitty quilt.

Let's Go Green

This quilt started with a test block. I pulled from my stash of green fabrics and patchwork scraps to go with the orphan block. 

A test block converted into a small kitty quilt.

A loopy, all-over free-motion quilting design was quick and fun.

Free-motion quilting.

The zingy, lime green binding was applied by machine. I think this binding livens it up the color palette.

Machine binding.

Voila! A new kitty quilt for our entourage of tuxedo kitties.

Green kitty quilt.

I think the black kitties look quite dashing against the green fabrics.

Two black cats in the kitty bed with the green quilt.

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