Sunday, May 17, 2020

Make Nine 2020 finish: Slip stitch knit dish towel

On-line videos and real-time product previews have proliferated during the coronavirus quarantine. A couple weeks ago, I stumbled across Heather's "Friday at Five" Facebook Live broadcast with the latest happenings from Universal Yarn—new yarns, great project ideas and featured patterns (some are free downloads). This is where I learned about the Mosaic Dish Towels pattern.

"Mosaic Dish Towel" pattern from Universal Yarn. A Make Nine 2020 finish.

I have a "yarn project" on my Make Nine 2020 list. The plan was for something that was easy, relaxing, small and achievable. When Heather mentioned this project, I knew it fit the requirements... and was functional as well!

The Mosaic Dish Towel took me a weekend to complete. The cast on was Friday evening and I was weaving in the ends on Sunday. The 4-row slip stitch mosaic pattern provided enough intrigue to keep my mind alert and the rest was the mindful slow stitching of a repetitive garter stitch (which I knitted during in-home movie night with my husband). I opted to omit the i-cord loop... and I may even have enough yarn for a matching dish cloth.

Mosaic Dish Towel, 11" x 17",  cotton yarn.

The mix of relaxing repetition and focussed concentration required for a hand knit project may be just what you need these days. Check out Heather's Universal Yarn Facebook videos for knitting and crochet inspiration and project suggestions. She's down-to-earth, her presentation is brief and well paced, she's enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the products, and sometimes she's unexpectedly joined by one of her cats.

It's a delightful way to welcome the weekend!

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