Saturday, May 2, 2020

Make Nine 2020 finish: charity quilts for cats

I’m feeling good about checking off this item on my Make Nine 2020 list. It's because it's my Charity project goal. I finished this stack of 12 kitty quilts for the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga during shelter in place.
Make Nine 2020 Charity project: 12 kitty quilts. One for each month of the year.

Early in March, when the Coronavirus quarantine went into effect, I needed a purposeful project to counteract all the upheaval and uncertainty in the world. Improv patchwork and running fabric scraps and orphan quilt blocks through the sewing machine was good medicine.

Improv patchwork kitty quilt with scraps and fabric samples.

There is little precision required for improv patchwork and the 25” x 29” size of these quilts made this project achievable. I felt productive and useful with each little pieced top.

Flannel samples were strip pieced for this quilt.

Scraps, a leftover border print and a Christmas panel were all transformed into useful objects.

Charity quilt from a holiday fabric panel.

Charity quilt using a border print remnant.

It was satisfying to use up orphan and test blocks such as the star block in this quilt...

A single star test block and strip set cut-offs assembled into a quilt top.
(I rather like how this quilt turned out.)

... and several technique test samples—curved piecing, random string inserts, a paper pieced star and leftover strip stratas—that were languishing in the fabric stash.

Several technique samples are combined.

These four quilt blocks were from a block swap. They seemed to shelter in place for 11 years... until now.

Four 9" blocks from a block swap.

Making these quilts also gave me the opportunity to practice free-motion quilting and test new quilting designs. Hooray for a learning opportunity!

Detail of back side showing the free-motion quilting of radiating petals.

Free-motion feathers.

Free-motion leaves.

Several of the kitty quilts have cat fabric prints on the back.

Cat prints for the quilt backs.

Some backs are pieced.

Patchwork backs.

Bindings were done by machine and a good use for leftover 2.5" precut strips.

Bindings by machine. 

When our city reopens and the Cat Clinic is open to visitors, these little quilts will get delivered to the cats and kitties.

12 kitty quilts going to the Cat Clinic soon!

Four other items from my Make Nine list are in progress so I feel I'm on track this year.

Make Nine Challenge goals for 2020.

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