Monday, September 14, 2015

Countdown Day 2: Turning orphan blocks into cuddle quilts

Like many quilt guilds, my guild, the Choo Choo Quilters, has a community service project. We make lap size quilts for a local children's agency. These two cuddle quilts were completed in August after our annual guild Cuddle Quilt workshop (an all-day sew-in and get-together).
Cuddle Quilts.
While tidying my studio recently, I uncovered this quilt top, made with 4 orphan blocks and miscellaneous scraps. Oh gosh, I think I pieced this top 4 or 5 years ago. See what a little house cleaning will do?? 
Lap quilt made from 4 orphan blocks.
38.5" x 36"
There were three 10" blocks and one 9" block leftover from two previous projects. How to make them fit together? Turn them on point, "sash" with over-sized corner triangles, and let them float. This made four 15" blocks and the basis for a good-sized lap quilt. Can you tell which is the smaller block?

The top got machine quilted and bound [by machine] this weekend and these three cuddle quilts will be turned in at the next guild meeting. Finito! Nope… no Slow Stitching on this project.
Three finished Cuddle Quilts.
This is rapid-fire post #6 and 2 days until Chattanooga AQS QuiltWeek® opens. I've volunteered to help hang the quilts in the show, so I'll get a sneak peek.
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