Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Countdown Day 1: Sneak peek at Chattanooga QuiltWeek

Rapid-fire post #7 and Chattanooga QuiltWeek eve. We hung the first group of quilts on Monday afternoon. Let me tell you, there is some stunning work on display in the Chattanooga Convention Center!
Hanging the quilts for Chattanooga AQS QuiltWeek 2015.
The AQS staff has the system down pat and many hands make the work go quickly. Here are fellow Choo Choo Quilters, Ginny, Sherry, Vista and Cristy with our official 2015 royal blue Volunteer aprons.
From left: Ginny, Sherry, Vista and Cristy.
Choo Choo Quilters volunteers.
Ginny and I had the privilege of hanging some of the bigger quilts—one being a Dear Jane quilt. Yes, Dear Jane is still alive and kicking and there are some amazing hand quilted quilts in the show as well. Hanging the bigger quilts takes some stamina, however. Those babies are heavy! (Nothing 2 Advils and a good night's rest can't cure.)

I laid out my "work clothes" for Tuesday's quilt show duties—including a well-worn and well-loved 1999 AQS Paducah T-shirt. It's ready to see another quilt show in the making. We're reporting at 9 a.m. to hang the special exhibits.
1999 AQS Quilt Show T-shirt.
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