Sunday, February 1, 2015

ATCs: Three Words of Advice

"Support Our Troops"
by Debbie Joyner
After several days on the road that concluded with me teaching a full-day Free-motion Quilting class at The Fabric Shop, it was nice to get back home. Since it was after midnight when I pulled into the driveway, it was not until this morning—with a hot cup of tea at hand—that I was able to open the "squishy" envelopes containing the ATCs [Artist Trading Cards] for the first FiberAntics ATC swap of 2015. The theme for the January swap was "Three Words of Advice."

I didn't intentionally plan to kick off the new year with inspirational quotes or philosophical devotions, but I was both uplifted and calmed while reading the "three words" that were depicted on each batch of cards that spilled from its envelope. (Hmmm. Maybe I should be more cognizant of which themes are slated for different times of the year.) Or maybe I am still on my weekend "teaching high." Likely both.

Take a look and see what you think.

"Praise the Lord!"
by Elizabeth Armstrong

"Live to Love"
by Lisa Howard

"Believe in Yourself"
by Sharon Joyner Griffith

"Always Be Yourself!"
by Diane Pineschi

"3 Wise Words"
by Karen Downer

"Let it go…"
by Carlene Jacobsen
Oh, I need to find more time for this...
"Read more books"
by Bonnie Stevens
This ATC artist is the dream of every quilt shop owner and fabric rep!
"Buy More Fabric!"
by Cathy Dillon
Can you hear your mother saying this?
"Eat your vegetables."
by Veronica Hofman-Ortega
And this?
"Don't Eat That"
by Marilyn League
Traders also got a thoughtful gift that accompanied Bonnie's "Read more books" ATC. Here is the note she sent me: 

A magnetic bookmark to keep your place in the fabulous book
you are now reading.

Sharon included a Thank You note with her cards along with this little gem. As a fabric rep whose virtual "office" is a briefcase and a car, this is going to be so useful and handy! (Sharon, how did you know? This little desk-mate is perfect.)
Desk-mate: Sticky notes, paper clips and a built-in ruler
in a see-through compact.

2015 begins the 7th year of my Artist Trading Card swaps. My ATC collection—and my heart—overfloweth! Thanks to all the ATC traders who have shared their Art and Heart with us. Happy February to everyone.
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