Friday, February 20, 2015

Freezing weather calls for hot artisan teas

Blizzard-y conditions, nor'easter, accumulation, wintery mix or wintery mess… whatever you call what's been happening in your area, many of us have "stayed put" because of the weather this week. With wings clipped, I resorted to catching up on paperwork, tidying up files (I quickly tired of this activity) and keeping warm with several varieties of organic artisan teas I picked up on recent travels.
Organic artisan teas from The Switch House, Huntsville, AL
My friend Sherri, from Huntsville Sew and Vac, knows all the cool places and unique restaurants in town. You may recall me raving about Granville's Gourmet Ribs and BBQ and Sam and Greg's Pizzaria Gelateria in this post. In January we went to Dallas Mill Deli (gotta try the strawberry pretzel salad and a Southern ruben), the Sandwich Farm, and The Village Cafe.
The Sandwich Farm, Huntsville, AL
Quilters from my classes joined us for lunch at the Sandwich Farm. It was difficult to choose from the enticing menu or from the chalkboard, so Ms. "are you up for an adventure?" Sherri and I ordered and split two sandwiches. The avocado LT was excellent as well as the ciabatta (if you like smoked fish). Gisele, one of my students from class, mentioned the Sunday Brunch is absolutely fabulous, too. So check out the Sandwich Farm if you are in Huntsville on a Sunday.
Sandwich Farm chalkboard menu.
Down the sidewalk from the Sandwich Farm is the Switch House. Yes, the actual building where the controls for switching the train tracks were once housed and operated. Inside this little building was a multi-artist retail shop [which was unfortunately relocating at the end of the month] that had specialty teas from locally grown ingredients. I snagged a 3 oz. sampling of each tea she had and a hand sewn blank book for sketching (great souvies!).
The Switch House, Huntsville, AL
Breakfast on my last day in Huntsville was at the Village Cafe in Owens Cross Roads, AL with Sherri and her husband, Reggie.
The Village Cafe, Owens Cross Roads, AL.
Inside with Sherri and Reggie.
This place offers artisan brewed coffees, savory breakfast bakery, and a lunch menu with sandwiches, ice cream and smoothies (for days when it's not so cold). It also carries fabulous artisan teas by Piper and Leaf. These teas are specially blended from flavors grown by local farmers.

Lemon Berry Blush, Sassafras Strawberry and Monk's Meditation came home with me along with this nifty tea-brewing gadget—an IngenuiTEA (quite ingenious!). See how it operates on this YouTube video.
IngenuiTEA at the Village Cafe.
Upon arriving home in Chattanooga, I decided to check out a local tearoom, The English Rose Tearoom on Market Street. Located in the foyer of the original 1890s Grand Hotel, across from the Choo Choo, the tearoom's gift shop carries some lovely imported teas. I bought a sampling of these teas to send to Sherri and a package of Duchess Delight for myself. This place is also open for lunch or you can plan a special event with them. Be sure to check the English Rose website for coupons before you go.
Dutchess Delight loose tea from The English Rose, Chattanooga, TN
So now the bread in the breadbox has been shoved to one side to make room for my collection of little aromatic pouches. Honey, sugar, milk and my IngenuiTEA are at the ready and have been quite active during these below-freezing temperatures of late.
Artisan teas from my travels.
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