Saturday, January 31, 2015

Angle Improv: an unscripted technique

Looking for a fabric adventure with a package of 2.5" pre-cut strips?
Student quilt top made from Sumatra batik pre-cut strips [by Blank Quilting]
 in the Angle Improv class.
Join me for the Angle Improv class on Saturday, February 7 at Hyderhangout (423) 715-2908, and see what you can do with a package of 2.5" pre-cut strips and some scraps! The quilt top shown here was made with Sumatra batik Fabrications by Blank Quilting Corp. and scraps from this quilter's stash. What could be easier and more fun?
The "project"" (and I use the term loosely) for this class is free-form, unscripted, and the technique is very liberating. See what fun students had in a previous class here. It's improv! As Drew Carey might say, "the measurements are made up and the points don't count."
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