Thursday, August 15, 2013

Practice your free-motion quilting
on "pre-marked" strip quilts

Hey there all you free-motion quilting newbies! You know how I suggest to you in my "Into to Free-motion Quilting" classes that an excellent way to get some free-motion practice under your belt is by quilting charity quilts?
Practice free-motion quilting on strip quilts. 
Well, here's a thought on getting in some free-motion practice as well as getting experience with making your motifs a consistent size—think "pre-cut strip quilts!"

My guild, the Choo Choo Quilters, had a guild program earlier this year on using pre-cut 2.5" strips to make fast and easy lap quilts. (The program presenter called them "lasagna quilts" and I kept wanting to call them "noodle quilts.") Anyway, we sewed the pre-cut strips end to end, similar to the 1600" quilt and got results similar to this example.

I got around to quilting one of theses strip quilts (shown in the first picture) and realized that the pieced strips automatically create guidelines that are 2" apart. This is a perfect space to practice continuous-line free-motion patterns—and you don't need to mark the quilt top! So, if you want some practice quilting loop-the-loops, waves, or another continuous line design, try it on a strippy quilt like these.
Examples of strip quilts made by members of the Choo Choo Quilters Guild
Chattanooga, Tennessee.
This quilter added a flying geese border to her strip quilt.
The Choo Choo Quilters Guild is having it's annual Cuddle Quilt workshop this Saturday, August 17. Guild members will get together and spend the day making lap-size quilts for a local day-care facility.
Strips are cut and ready for the strip Mystery Quilt.
Our clever Cuddle Quilt Workshop coordinator, Sherry, has devised a Mystery Quilt using the pre-cut 2.5" strips. I have my strips cut and ready to go. Anyone is welcome to join us for the day—it will be fun! The location and time is on the guild's blog.
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