Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's inside Brown Bag #4...

Every WIP (work in progress) I've received in the Choo Choo Quilters 2013 Brown Bag Challenge has been an intriguing surprise. It's interesting to see what fabrics, color schemes, and the kind of projects my fellow guild sisters like.

The latest brown bag I received had some non-traditional quilting fabrics inside—flannel, wools, a felted fabric... along with a couple wonderful batiks. (I haven't met a batik I didn't like, how 'bout you?)
The contents of this Brown Bag included batiks, flannels and wools. 
Written in the Brown Bag Journal that accompanied the bag, the owner indicated she loves nature motifs, flowers and a color palette of earthy golds, greens, reds and fuchsias. Without divulging too much of the surprise, here is a cropped photo of the pieces the BB predecessors contributed to this bag.
Here are some pieces I found inside the Brown Bag.
I decided to add something appliquéd and something pieced. I had to do a little pattern drafting to get my contribution to the required size so it was compatible with the existing pieces. But that's all part of the Challenge—figuring out how to "make it work," as Tim Gunn would say.
I added a pieced block and an appliqué block to the mix.
I wonder how my Monet-inspired Challenge piece is coming along...  and what I will find in the next Brown Bag that comes my way.
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