Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ATCs: the backs are treats, too!

As a child, if you were taught some form of hand needlework—embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, or the like—you may have been told, "the back should look as good as the front." Was this a "trick" to aspire you to be neat and precise with your stitches? Possibly... but more likely to instill good needle art habits and enable you to refine and perfect your craftsmanship.

I thought about this adage as I was posting pictures of the FiberAntics October ATC swap. I post the fronts of the cards (which are always amazing), but there is soooo much more insight, information... and fabulous artwork... that often appears on the backs of these trading cards.

So, as an extra "treat" this Halloween, here are ATC backs from the recent Artist Trading Card swap and some from past swaps as well.

Some backs are printed from a computer, some are written by hand.

Rubber stamping is also a versatile and popular printing technique.

You may find an envelope or more photos on the back...

... instructions for the task at hand,
... and other insights about the theme.

It's always interesting to learn about the techniques and materials that the artist has used to make the card.

Sometimes you'll find the dust bunnies or the monster under the bed.
So, you see, the backs are just as good as the fronts! 
Don't you think???
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