Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Easter egg dying fun—with yarn

What other fun can you have with Easter egg dyes?? Try dying some yarn! It was so easy and the dyes were already mixed for the eggs. I used the good old standard PAAS dye kit. 
Wool yarn hand dyed with a PAAS egg coloring kit.
I experimented with some yarn that was handy—a white and a yellow, 100% wool, worsted weight. On-line resources did not recommend using this dye with plant fiber yarn (like cotton). Here are the results... lovely, springtime, jelly bean, cotton candy... Easter egg colors.
The small butterflies of yarn show the standard colors of the dye tablets—yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and purple. I did not do any color mixing. They look just like the eggs, yes?? The darker orange hank (second from the left) started off as a golden yellow yarn. The other three were white. All yarns were pre-soaked in a water/vinegar bath to get the correct pH. The dye was batched (fixed) with steam in the microwave.

What fun and soooo easy. So, run down to your local drug store, dollar store or grocery to pick up a couple PAAS dye kits at 50% off clearance prices.
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