Monday, April 4, 2011

Knitting, swatching and snoozing

We had another glimpse of Spring yesterday as the temperature reached the 70s and the sun smiled on all the flora and greenery in the back yard. It was a relaxing afternoon to enjoy the outdoors, and prepare the swatches I need for upcoming classes.
We're going to cover the Kitchener stitch in my Lace Knitting class this evening. My students are working on a lace sampler scarf and will be joining live stitches from both halves of the scarf. The other swatches are in preparation for classes I will be taking at Stitches South in a few weeks.
I also completed a sample for a new class on Knitting in the Round (another request from my knitting students). This is a modified pattern inspired by Louisa Harding's Poppy Beanie. It's an adorable and retro beanie style hat—reminiscent of the 1920s cloche. The beanie and its flower embellishment have several fun techniques for knitters of all levels. I am converting it to be knit in the round for my class. It will be a good intro project for learning how to maneuver double pointed needles (dpns) and a circular needle. Stay tuned for more information on this class...

And, here is the "extra kitty" who was snoozing away the afternoon. He is a neighborhood cat who has more-or-less adopted us.

Try to relax, kitty.
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