Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ATCs: The view from here

Alas, "The view from here" changed dramatically since last Wednesday when an F2 tornado whaled through Chattanooga. The road from our house was blocked in both directions for a day and a half and power was restored after nearly 5 day, around 9 pm. on Sunday. We patiently await other services--phone, cable and internet--as sthe clean-up continues.

ATC artists responded to the April ATC theme, "The view from here," with these, more uplifting cards:

Here is the view from my studio with three trees across the deck. (The deck is under there... really).

1 comment:

  1. Oh lord!!!! So good to hear you are okay but your poor house! Memphis is having so many flooding problems and so many have had to leave their homes. Seems like a rerun from last year at this same time. Take care Veronica and keep us updated on the progress of your home recovery.


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