Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fingerless Mitts Success

They did it! Ribbing, cables, a gusset and mattress stitch... all combined in a pair fingerless mitts. Do these women look excited, or what???
The students in my Knitting II class at Chattanooga State added several techniques to their knitting repertoire in this class. There was a lot of info packed into this two-session class, and they all a did great job. Working on cables while increasing for the thumb gusset is akin to patting one's head and rubbing one's tummy.

Several students completed one or more mitts, but what I am most proud of is their ability to "read their work" (this is major!!) and identify and quite often fix mistakes or missed stitches. Well done, knitters!

I'm looking forward to the Lace Knitting class coming up on March 28.
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