Saturday, March 26, 2011

ATCs: Things that changed other things

"Votes for Women"
What a theme we had for the March FiberAntics ATC swap! The theme, "Things that changed other things," was well and widely interpreted.

A reminder of significant historical events make us wonder what the world would be like today without the perseverance of our foremothers and forefathers, such as the suffragettes. Or, how different life would be without the discoveries manifested by the inquisitive minds and genius of various inventors.

Things that changed other things...
"Electricity" (left)   "Nuclear Energy" (right)
"Johannes Gutenberg invents movable type; books accessible to everyone." (left)
"La Chauve-Souris" (right)
"The Steam Engine"
"Love Changes Everything" (left)
"Color, Texture, Shape, oh my!" (right)
Although change is easily identified as a result of a national event or from the invention of something that affects many people on a grand scale, the power of change can also be witnessed at a one-on-one or personal level, for example, "Love changes everything." And the following story that accompanied this ATC:
"The other day I had my furnace scheduled for cleaning. The gentleman who came was grumpy. He never smiled, never looked me in the eye, and used one word sentences. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. When he finally left, after discovering and replacing a broken part (an making me feel like it was my fault), I found that I was feeling grumpy also. His attitude changed my attitude. Thus, the idea for this card came to me. Attitude (mine, yours, or those around you) can indeed change things."
"Attitude" (back)
With our weekend weather forecast of "Rain, Rain, and Rain," I hope these ATCs will bring some sunshine into an otherwise dreary, cloudy day. Enjoy!
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