Monday, March 28, 2011

Faith and Trust

On an impulse, I signed up for a Mystery Knit Along (KAL). I'm doing it long distance as the knit shop, What's Needlin' Ewe, is in North Carolina, but I was intrigued and e-mailed the shop to see if I could be included. I received a prompt reply to my inquiry and they were pleased to have me participate.

I've designed quilts for Mystery Quilt programs and have organized and lead them, but I had not heard of a Mystery Knit Along. I decided to make the leap... and it has been a real leap of faith!

The Mystery KAL started in early March and clues arrive via e-mail each Monday morning. Today will be the 4th and final clue and it should wrap up our mystery scarf. (Participant sleuths discovered it was going to be a scarf with the first clue.)
Clue #1
The first clue involved a cast-on of 300 stitches with a beautiful, oh-so-soft worsted weight yarn, Cascade Cash Vero. It is really a joy to knit with. But, oh, those 300 stitches... Clue #1, however, offered tips for managing 300 stitches and directed knitters to a how-to video for the German Twisted Cast-on method. Without a sample or picture, following the instructions requires total left-brain skills and blind trust in the designer. It is a humbling experience and a good exercise in discipline.
Clue #2: 2 balls of yarn down, 2 to go...
I am enjoying the short row technique. It is a technique that I would not set out to do, but once you have that 300 stitch investment, you keep on keepin' on. I find I must pay attention to the pattern created in the work since there is no other visual reference. I've had a couple minor tinking episodes, and with so many stitches per row, even a one-row error takes some time to re-do. But, as I tell my knitting students, "it's only yarn," and if you are enjoying the process, that's what it's all about.

I've been teaching several classes this month—Intermediate and Lace knitting, Beginning Quilting and my Yarn Fabrication wearable art workshop. I think it has been good for me to be "the student" for this program.
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