Sunday, July 16, 2023

12 kitty quilts donated. 6th Make Nine finish for 2023

Yesterday, we dropped off 12 kitty quilts to the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga. These charity quilts are pieced and quilted throughout the year as time permits… or when I need an improv patchwork project to occupy my hands with something mindful. 

Twelve kitty quilts with scrappy bindings for the cats at the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga.

I use up scraps and discontinued fabric samples to piece these quilt tops and I attach the scrappy bindings by machine.

A Scooter Cat reception at the Cat Clinic

Jessie and Walker, two of the Cat Clinic's scooter kitties, were out in the front reception area when we arrived. 

Here is Walker, one of the scooters.

Jennifer, one of the techs, says that Dolly, another of the scooter kitties, has a particular affinity for the quilts. She expects a different one to be put on the floor every day... just for her. 

Dolly on a new quilt. Photo credit: Cat Clinic of Chattanooga.

Scrappy patchwork for kitty quilts

Here are photos of this batch of scrappy kitty quilts. The patchwork for the quilt tops include a variety of fun prints and geometric patterns—cactus, sugar skulls, farm animals, snowmen, aliens, circles, dots and stripes—in a rainbow of colors that are puzzled together to a size approximately 25” x 27”.

Four of twelve donated kitty quilts.

I practice free-motion quilting on these quilts and sometimes try to come up with new design combinations.

Four of twelve donated kitty quilts.

Four of twelve donated kitty quilts.

The quilts all have either a flannel backing or flannel on the front with a cotton backing. 

Showing the flannel and cotton backings on the kitty quilts.

I try to donate a batch of these quilts each year. Although I've not counted, I imagine there have been close to 50 quilts donated to the Cat Clinic over the years. The kitties and the staff at the Cat Clinic love them. What’s better than that?

Make Nine 2023 finish #6

I’m also counting these 12 charity quilts for one of the Wild Card prompts for my Make Nine 2023.

"Wild Card" prompt for Make Nine 2023.

Make Nine 2023 tracker, July 2023.

12 scrappy kitty quilts donated July 15, 2023.

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